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Training Needs Analysis

With competition increasing every day, along with the mounting pressures that characterize tough economic times, you need proven marketing techniques you can use to generate demand for your existing products and services. You also need an effective product development process to create new offerings. And, you need a marketing communications strategy that will penetrate your markets and open up profitable opportunities. Our seminars led by marketing experts will help you optimize your marketing communications strategy and product development process not only to compete but win!

At Legacy we understand that a well designed training course is the best way for current and future leaders to perfect the necessary skills for successful marketing management.
We partner with world-class academics and trainers from the some of the most prestigious universities to ensure that what you are taught is the most comprehensive and up to date material available.

Attending any one of our programmes will provide you with the tools, resources and techniques you will need to make a significant difference in your organization, or with your clients.
Effective training and development depends on knowing what is required for the individual members, departments and the organization as a whole. Organizations need to ensure that the resources invested in training are targeted at areas where training and development is needed and a positive return on the investment is guaranteed. At Legacy our training solutions are informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis and are tailored to the specific dynamics of your organization.

Investing in Training

Without the right skills and targeted investment in learning opportunities an organization cannot hope to compete successfully:

    • 22% of employers say that the skills of their workforce are not of the standard required. (National Employers Skills Survey, 2012)
    • The lack of basic skills costs a typical business, of 50 employees, $250,000 per year (Ernst and Young, 2011)

A carefully designed Training Needs Analysis can prevent skills shortages and the wasting of finance on inappropriate or unnecessary training.

Advantages of Training Needs Analysis

The benefits of a well-conducted learning needs analysis are:

    • Learning can be directly related to organizational objectives
    • Learning can be targeted at specific requirements.
    • Learning needs can be identified and prioritised
    • The time of trainers can be spent on more productive activities.
    • The time of participants can be spent on programmes which are appropriate for them.
    • Training of limited value can be avoided.
    • Financial resources can be allocated more effectively and efficiently.
    • Learning can be carefully tailored to requirements