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Communication Strategies

A business plan is just words on paper until people take action. If you’re implementing a new initiative, rolling out a strategy, or managing big changes, a strategic communications plan is the vehicle for driving your success. Any strategic plan or change initiative is only successful if people are aligned around your vision, in-sync with your strategy, and motivated to convert the vision and strategy into action.

Our communications consulting process involves a comprehensive audit of current communication channels and an assessment of executive communication skills at the leadership level. We take a snapshot of the current “communication state” of your team. Through assessments and employee surveys, we use real data about your existing communications plans to determine areas for improvement.

Your communications strategy should be a living, breathing document designed to help you deliver your organisation’s overall objectives. To coincide with the development of our best practice guide on developing communications strategies we held this special seminar designed to give you a clear process to follow and adapt when creating your own strategy. We also look at how your strategy can filter down into communications planning by exploring some key principles and planning tools to help you save time and increase impact.

Advertising, both traditional and digital, gets you in front of your audience and drives home your message if it is constructed on a solid foundation of research, creativity and vision.

Legacy works together  with its clients to develop a proper strategy for each advertising campaign. We offer:

  1. Creative Development
  2. Interactive Advertising
  3. Magazine & Newspaper Ads
  4. Trade Shows
  5. Billboards