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Marketing Planning and Research

Legacy will Identifying the strategy, tactical plan, and budget allocation that produces the highest ROI and achieves management’s objectives for a new product/service or an established brand when there are myriad ways to reach and engage different market segments is often a precarious process.

Our marketing planning services combine state-of-the-science research, new thinking in the application of mathematical and computational modeling to marketing, and management expertise to rapidly improve your ability to select a plan that maximizes marketing ROI. The driving power behind the predictive capabilities of our simulation and modeling tools comes from our comprehensive and rigorous approach to:

  1. Mapping your—and your competitors’–marketing process using multiple sources of information.
  2. Using survey-based and/or data resources to assess and understand a market segment’s behavior.
  3. Modeling the relationship between all the factors in the marketing process and forecast performance.
  4. Experimenting with alternative strategies, as well as communications and spending plans to optimize the marketing mix.
  5. Scenario planning based on possible market, environmental, or competitive conditions.

Legacy is performing marketing research provides your management team  with current product or service trends as seen by the consumer. We are engaging consumers in these research projects that then help companies identify and solve marketing problems. This research is conducted in a variety of ways such as:

    1. Surveys  (Mall intercepts – Online questionnaires)
    2. Personal interviews
    3. Focus groups